Welcome to the official 24 hour comic day event in Sweden!

We have taken up the challenge to draw 24 comic pages in 24 hours,  Our start time is 11.00 AM and our finishing time is 10.59 AM (GMT +1). You can check how it corresponds to your own local time here.


Also doing the challenge? Want a little company? Call us!

Feel free to add us through Skype (our username is hcd24SE) if you want to have a chat and cheer us on! Not to mention, you can always reach us quickly by sending a tweet our way – @24hcdSE – or simply e-mail us at 24hcd@mangapatriarkatet.se.

During the 24 hour span, our youtube channel will stream live feeds from the event. Keep an eye out on the main page – we’ll be posting when the next planned stream is online!

Introductionary video with lots of swedish, and some (a little!) english.